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The Of cial Boyfriend Application FRIEN OFFICIAL Y BO D PLICATI E AP N O TH This application must be lled out in its entirety in order to be considered for the position that you are applying. Photographs may sway my opinion one way or the other feel free to attach any that you think may help you gain this position* Just a reminder be completely honest with all your answers I will be double checking applications using Google to ensure honesty. Any false information will automatically nullify...
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I interview for a boyfriend your middle name how long's it been since you wore a diaper how old were you when you first noticed you have feet how tall my lying down a glowing thing or a burning dark quick pick one how many needles will fit between my eyelids how big was your first your last the last night's which do I like it care to handle candles what's it like to wear no skirt how many bras have you sniffed define addiction define a lover's hip how many languages are enough how can you free yourself without getting committed and what's it like inside yourself and I see your feet are like freaky small like now your hair smells like fly shit feels like fish's eyes that you have three nostrils and the third one is for jizz your eyelashes are made of hind legs and they move on your own when they get angry or turn on can you believe me when I say your shit steams beautiful did I stutter did I stutter did I do how many lines to go with that not just in the fridge honey you know that I'll always want more what do you see through eyes so brown can you see that mine are glass can you tell that they're not windows can you quantify exactly more or less all they can want for my eyes to be also eyebrows and one - too many tails and your tendons are made of Twizzlers Newland ring swing Nick's orange blue orange juice and your hands are made of pancakes with life lights here belly button has an eyeball in it but we're not supposed to ask whose lips sometimes they whisper sweet nothings to the pigeons on the park benches while you stroke your fingertips against various things like pigeons me Oh like me well I broke up with my boyfriend and then spent the night and my mom remains convinced that we just need more hangers and I start all my sentences with oh well look and I ran to my apartment counting all my Paris enticed and I noticed not a single tear looked a thing like him and I heard that song that he reminds me of and it was the bird screaming the earth back awake so I drank a whole bottle of v8 went to sleep and I woke up with that boyfriend and then spent the night and I remain convinced that I could just go back tomorrow when I drop my sister's black vintage gloves in the month I drop my easiest class and told everyone of a pyro I'm still not quite done with their last guys but the night way they'll never be as high with anyone as I was with del and I never called him del when I was with him I never understood people when they said they could remember a touch until I felt his thick palms four days after he left and when he said he was becoming I ate a strawberry and tasted nothing and I have he roots it's not that makes sense since ten days before he left another white cast losing track of who left last now I wear lipstick love's a disclaimer when I dropped him I shattered Oh translation no man is pleasingly sense but I'd like to watch a try your last name to have any pets huh can you be with a woman you'll never be able to please